Fingerpicking exercises
This lesson shows several ways to play fingerstyle ukulele, from simple arpeggios to tremolo and artificial harmonics.

Campanella Scales
Common scales to practice campanella style – get your uke ringing like a harp!

Campanella ABC
There are at least eleven ways to play the notes ABC campanella style. This is a good exercise to help you learn the fretboard.

How to play tremolo
Tremolo sounds great on the uke. A bit tricky, but awesome once you master it

How to play rapid triplets “chicken-picking” style
Fiddlers, pipers and whistlers and flutists all have a bunch of tricks they can do with bows or breath to ornament a tune. Fretted instruments have fewer options but a favorite is a healthy smattering of triplets. While it’s not so hard to play fast triplets with a plectrum on a mandolin or a banjo, doing it with your fingers on a uke is a bit harder. I sometimes use a technique which some guitarists would call chicken-pickin’ – when you use your thumb and fingers to alternate picking on the same string. Check out this short lesson.