Variations on a Lick by Angus Young (AC/DC)

Get the tab for this here:
It’s not exactly like the video, I kind of made it up as I went along and didn’t always get it right rhythmically, so the tab is better.

This is a a study in alternating thumb fingerpicking. Try it like this:
thumb and index only
thumb, middle, thumb, index
thumb, ring, thumb, index (how I do it in the video)
Tremolo: play the open first string rapidly three times: ring,middle,index

Angus Young hit on this cool lick a long time ago – he used it in the live version of ‘Let there be Rock’ back in the seventies, and he recycled it for ‘Thunderstruck’ in 1990.

The Plains of Waterloo

Nice tune. The guitarist Martin Simpson has a couple of beautiful versions of this tune, one of them on slide guitar. He says that some musicologists couldn’t believe that a folk song could be so rich – it’s almost impossible to say what key it’s in – but I think that someone with little musical education is less constrained by rules and conventions and therefore could come up with a tune like this more easily than someone with a classical education.

The Blarney Pilgrim: Irish Jig, FREE TAB

Get the tab for this here

Get my book of Celtic tunes for campanella ukulele here.

The Blarney Pilgrim is quite easy to play and is an excellent example of how to get the best out of re-entrant tuning. A lot of the tune is played on open strings – it’s a simple tune – which makes campanella picking the most convenient and pleasing to listen to.