Ornamenting with triplets

Some of you were asking me how I play the triplets in the reels “Sweeney’s Buttermilk” and “Cooley’s Reel” and many other tunes. When the notes in the triplet are the same, I often use a kind of ‘chicken picking’ technique which kills each note after plucking making them more distinct than in campanella where I would play the same note on two strings. Watch the video and have a go. If you have any questions, please go to my Facebook page where I’m sure to see them.

Tri Martolod (Breton Folk Song)

I’m afraid my interpretation of this song has an extra beat in the last bar – I don’t know why but I have this tendency to play things as I think they should be played regardless of the given time signature. That said, while searching the net for other examples I found a few that had one bar of 3/4 and one bar of 5/4. If you listen to other people playing it, you’ll see that most of them manage to get the tune into 4/4 all the way through.

Download the tab here:
Tri Martolod