Free Ukulele Tabs

The Blarney Pilgrim
Sample tune from my Celtic Tunes for Ukulele Ebook

La Rotta
This medieval piece is hypnotically repetive – and excellent campanella practice.

The English Dance
Another medieval dance tune, this one is pretty tricky to get up to speed.

Variations on a Lick by Angus Young
I love ACDC! Angus Young has recycled the same lick over the years, notably in Let There Be Rock and Thunderstruck. He plays it on one string, alternating between open and fretted notes, but it sounds so much nicer on the uke campanella style! I’ve created a solo piece based on this repeating pattern.

The Munsters Theme tune
I omitted the jazzy run at the end as I’ve always hated it – maybe it was a good idea in the sixties but for me it distracts from the humorous horror-type music it was supposed to be.

JS Bach: Etude from Partita 3 BWV1006
I did the best I could at tackling this campanella style. John King already did it much better than me, but hey, my tab’s free!

Ding Ding Merrily on High
Arranged in three parts. Good for your ukulele group.

Tri Martolod
This is a very well-known Breton folk song, the title means ‘Three Sailors’.