Planxty Irwin, O’Carolan, Campanella Ukulele

Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738) was an Irish composer and harpist and is considered to be Ireland’s greatest composer. A lot of his tunes work very well on the ukulele – the campanella voicing helps to emulate the harp sound.
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Sweeney’s Buttermilk : Irish Campanella Ukulele

I love this tune! It’s really the essence of Irish music. I played it F (G Dorian) so the two principle chords are Gm and F. I had to adapt one part of the tune because I should have gone down to Bb but don’t have it on a re-entrant uke, but I thought it was well worth the sacrifice because the rest of the tune is perfectly suited to campanella fingerpicking. I tried to arrange it in D dorian, which works, but the fingering didn’t allow for such easy movement around the fretboard.

This tune will be added to my collection of Irish tunes shortly.

Dingle Regatta – Jig

This one is great fun to play, I love the descending run in the third part which is really not too difficult. The second part is the most tricky, probably because of keeping it true to the campanella style.

I’ve seen it written out as a slide (12/8), but my guitar teacher, Bill Brennan, had it as a simple jig. I’ll let the purists argue that one out – it doesn’t make any difference to me.

I will be adding this one to my collection of Jigs and Reels for campanella uke soon, anyone who has already bought it will get it as an update.