Fingerstyle Shredding Exercise

I often do this to warm up. I was never that good at electric guitar – acoustic fingerstyle being my first love – but I like trying to come up with those fancy arpeggios like the speed and neo-classical metal players use. Here I play at about 250 beats per minute.
Get the tab for this here.

Tri Martolod (Breton Folk Song)

I’m afraid my interpretation of this song has an extra beat in the last bar – I don’t know why but I have this tendency to play things as I think they should be played regardless of the given time signature. That said, while searching the net for other examples I found a few that had one bar of 3/4 and one bar of 5/4. If you listen to other people playing it, you’ll see that most of them manage to get the tune into 4/4 all the way through.

Download the tab here:
Tri Martolod