Sweeney’s Buttermilk : Irish Campanella Ukulele

I love this tune! It’s really the essence of Irish music. I played it F (G Dorian) so the two principle chords are Gm and F. I had to adapt one part of the tune because I should have gone down to Bb but don’t have it on a re-entrant uke, but I thought it was well worth the sacrifice because the rest of the tune is perfectly suited to campanella fingerpicking. I tried to arrange it in D dorian, which works, but the fingering didn’t allow for such easy movement around the fretboard.

This tune will be added to my collection of Irish tunes shortly.

2 thoughts on “Sweeney’s Buttermilk : Irish Campanella Ukulele”

  1. Thank you! It’s my favourite tune (along with the Monaghan which I never tire of playing or hearing others play it).

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