Campanella Pentatonic Scale

I made this improvisation to demonstrate how playing a simple pentatonic scale can produce very relaxing sounds which are great for meditating or just chilling out. I’m not the kind of person that finds it easy to meditate properly, but I do find it incredibly relaxing to take my guitar or uke and play these scales. Pentatonic scales are common all around the world and might remind you here of what we imagine oriental music to sound like.

Here is one way to play the D minor scale:

Going up the neck a bit higher:


In the video I also use harmonics to go higher – natural harmonics on the first and fourth strings 12th fret and artificial harmonics on the C – first string third fret (touch the string on the fifteenth fret to produce the harmonic); C – second string first fret (13th fret for the harmonic) and D third string second fret (14th fret for the harmonic).

If you like this and want to use it for chilling out, you can download the MP3 (for free or for a donation if you feel like it) here: here at